The passion for providing quality education paved the way for the establishment of Doon Valley Public School in 2001. Nestled in picturesque surrounded with lush green campus offers a visual treat for the eyes. School provides perfect and conducive environment for its students and has been working ceaselessly towards building a nation brimming with young talent.
We aim to provide students with a holistic experience that will help them to grow into respected individuals. We help children to realise their strength and give them a conductive environment to grow and involve as a good social being. Students are taught to have faith in their abilities, compete not with each other but with themselves. We believe in nurturing the young ones so that they turn out confident, are resilient and have strength and courage to face the adversities.
We have mission to create individuals who are confident about their potential and are sensitive towards their environment and above all co -creators of their own destiny. We constantly endeavour to create and maintain an educational environment that offers the students the full range of opportunities to perceive, crystallize, sharpen and utilize their latent intelligences.


A school is not a mere masonry work. It is enlivened by its dedicated and qualified staff, the collective efforts are reflected and appreciated in various school methods of teaching. Excellence in academics is the Hallmark to assess standards of any educational institution. The success story of the School reflects in the performance of the students at the Board Examination where our students have been achieving excellent results .The performance in Academics has been equally matched by the remarkable achievement in co-curricular activities and Sports too.

To make the day to day learning process in the classroom more interactive and effective, a new technology support in the classrooms has been established. Most of the classrooms in the school have been converted into smart classrooms with latest state-of-the-art hardware and software. Software is upgraded from time to time by the providers. A well stocked library is available which houses rich collection of resources that include encyclopedias, reference books, novels, CDs, newspapers, periodicals etc. Modern and fully equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Language, Mathematics and Computer are available which have requisite essential equipment.

The schools state-of-the-art infrastructure includes cricket ground, assembly ground, basketball court, volleyball court and badminton court.

We have full fledged 24 X 7 security system in place in the school campus. Gate of the school and the entire periphery of the campus is under cctv surveillance. We restrict entry into and exit from the campus through an effective system of control.


Invaluable lessons are learnt in the playing fields and it is imperative that the students learn to play fair. It is compulsory for all students to take part in the sports of their choice.

Intensive coaching is given by trained coaches/ teachers not only during school hours but also during mornings and evenings. Basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court are most of the time busy with boys and girls playing with great enthusiasm. We have table tennis hall where students are given intensive practice in the game.

We too have a school cricket ground with a well laid pitch. In addition, we have full facilities for net practice in the game where students practice minute skills in the game under the watchful eyes of the coaches.

Annual sports meet for junior and senior wings are conducted where students participate in various categories of Sprint, Hurdle, Relay Race , Shot put , long jump and high jump and show their mettle.

Our students have always performed exceptionally well when provided with an opportunity, no matter it is at international or at national level.



No nation can progress unless its citizens have the valour to live in unity with peace. A variety of activities are offered as an integral part of the curriculum to provide each student an opportunity to develop a wholesome personality. To ensure maximum participation of students in multifarious activities and competitions all the students of school both from junior and senior wings are allotted with the houses.

The senior wing has

  • Ekta house
  • Pragati house 
  • Shakti house 
  • Shanti house

For junior wing we have

  • Integrated Doonites
  • Progressive Doonites
  • Vigorous Doonites
  • Peaceful Doonites

Inter -house competitions are held throughout the year. House-Incharges and House Prefects labour hard to win the trophies in following events:-

  • Co-curricular activities
  • Display Boards
  • Sports overall winner
  • Discipline

At Doon Valley Public School all the students are encouraged to participate in well planned activities like debate, extempore, story writing, model making, spell bee, tree plantation, dance competition, and song competitions. Students are also motivated to be members of the following clubs:
Dance club , Music club, Eco club, Health and Wellbeing club, Literary club, Science club, Craft club, Home Management club, Photography club, Maths Club, Media club, Origami club and Dramatics club.

These clubs focus on a specific area of interest of students. All the important weeks are celebrated in school to create awareness towards national integrity amongst the students. Various activities are conducted in the special activity week in which all the students participate enthusiastically which include activites like elocution, slogan writing, poster making , street play etc..

Important celebrated weeks include:

Swachh Bharat Swachh Pakhwada , Vigilance awareness Week , Communal Harmony Week 

Drug awareness drive is also conducted with the objective to create awareness among the public about the harmful effects of using drugs and ways to get rid of it.

Personality development session

Both personally and academically the students should develop value oriented self-discipline for blossoming into a bright personality.The institute regularly organizes special workshops and Personality Development sessions for the students of classes I to XII with renowned speakers and motivational leaders of the society who give a strong and inspirational message to the students. The epicenter of the sessions is always character building and to develop different skills of mind by way of right information, right thought, right action, healthy habits and strong behaviour.

Community outreach

“Education is a process that teaches people to cherish and respect all living beings”.

As educators we prepare our children for life, the challenges it has to offer and empower them to inculcate the skills that would make them capable of carving their own niche in the world around them. The education imparted here at DVPS endeavours to open up the hearts and minds of the learners and make them conscious of the beauty that lies in the community services. DVPS involves its students in variety of community service activities regularly in one form or the other. While the primary students are interested with issues such as water conservation, hygiene and care of environment, the middle and secondary level students are allotted with more imperative tasks like teaching ancillary staff, working with community schools, imparting adult education etc. DVPS has also taken up mini projects which include plantation of trees in the surrounding villages, solar panel to generate electricity, cleanliness drives etc. Students of DVPS also spread awareness among common people about significant issues through Street plays.

Every year senior students are enrolled under NSS and they along with their teacher undertake many community service activities. During covid period the awareness regarding covid vaccination was spread among the parents through children. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. Students are motivated to see education beyond academics and strive for the glorification of the nation.