Grand Exhibition held in Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh

The ‘Doons’ organized the Annual Class Exhibition in a splendid manner on 8th July, 2017. The basic purpose of the exhibition was to draw out the hidden potential of the students and to strengthen their conceptual knowledge in all subjects. Students of classes VI to XII showcased their talent, knowledge and skills through purposeful and innovative models, charts, power-point presentations, files and project-reports related to Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Commerce, English, Hindi, Humanities, Art & Craft, Information Technology, Physical Education. It was heartening to see the students come out with innovative models like Walking Robot, Water Boat, Solar City, Home Projector, Rain Alarm, Newton Disk, Electric Bike, Waste Management, Eco-City, Life Processes, Hydrophonics, Pascal Triangle, Mathematical Tricks, Constellation of Stars, Voting Machine, Evolution of Man, Sanchi Stupa, Levels of Management, Hindi Sahitya – Aadi Kal ki Visheshtayen, Word Puzzles, Crosswords, Innovative Newspapers, Play-Fields of different games, etc.  Students of senior classes put up a power-point presentation on ‘Indus Valley Civilization’, GST and Emerging India. Students’ creativity in art & craft was also worth seeing. The beautiful paintings – glass painting, embossed painting and artwork like paper craft quilling, clay modeling, lamps, photo frames, flower vase, door hangings, etc., were displayed. This exhibition provided an opportunity to students to understand the concepts in depth as they got a chance to put their thinking faculties into action. The confidence with which they explained their models to the parents/visitors was really appreciable. The project-based learning helped the students to explore and expand their horizon of thinking and learning. Parents appreciated the efforts of school for providing a chance for the students to showcase their excellence in various ways. The Chairman of the Institution Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Principal Mr. P N Ashok and the Secretary Mrs. Anoop Sharma appreciated the efforts of the students and complimented the teachers for putting up such a wonderful exhibition.

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